Why do you need critical illness coverage?
Critical illness coverage isn’t for you; it’s for your family. No one wants to think about critical illnesses, but medical expenses related to them financially devastate thousands of California families every year. Critical illness insurance coverage was created to give families a lump-sum tax-free payment when they need resources the most.

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$30 per month for one person
$60 per month for a family
1.6 million new cancer cases are diagnosed each year. 1
Every 29 seconds someone suffers a coronary event. Every 45 seconds someone suffers a stroke.2
A 25-year old male non-smoker has a 24% chance of suffering a criticial illness before age 65.3
Critical illness costs cause more than 60% of bankruptcies today, and 78% had health insurance.4
The average amount for medical bankruptcy was under $15,000.5
For a $20,000 benefit level, the coverage costs $30 per person per month and $60 per family per month.
$30 per month per person
$60 per family per month
Who Needs it
Those with high income who can't purchase disability insurance
High-risk professionals and people with high medical insurance deductibles
People without health insurance
Self-employed Professionals
How can you use it
Out-of-network costs
Alternative/experimental treatments
Mortgage Payments and Household Bills
Car Payments and Travel Expenses
Lost Item
Child care
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